The Importance of Time

The Importance of Time

A boy meets girl.
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The first time I ever saw her was five years ago, late at night, as I was waiting for my friend to arrive. He was always late and out of five hundred other times similar thing happened, this was the first time I didn't actually mind a wait. As I was standing outside of this old, decaying house that was turned into a cafe, getting more and more annoyed with every lost minute, I slowly turned my head to my right. Suddenly, there she was - a young girl in her twenties with blue pants and dark hair, a combination that strangely caught my attention. My eyes slowly moved across her whole body while I savored every second of that glorious sight. I couldn't even think about starting a conversation. No, to me she was just a distant dream. Maybe she remained that forever.

As time went by and my friend seemed to be still far away I started toying with the idea of how to approach her. Was I ready for yet another refusal? I demotivated myself and looked away from the gorgeous girl standing next to me. A second later, as if I was trying to check something, I glanced at her and accidentally caught her eye. She noticed me. Everything became much closer to reality. I was a tangible entity in her magnificent universe. My mind kept going for what seemed like eternity when it was suddenly broken to pieces by a couple of words that flew by me in the air of sweet tenderness.

"Excuse me, do you know what time it is?"

She spoke to me. I enthusiastically reached for the mobile phone in my pocket and with the speed of light turned on the screen. Before I had a chance to utter even a word someone came up and spoke to her. I felt trapped in the invisible cell that I could never leave. What now? She was ignoring me again. Did I miss my chance? Was there even something to miss?

"So, the time?"

Again, she destroyed my train of thoughts and turned me into a simple, clock servant.

"Half past 10" I spoke as manly as I could, trying to make the best impression possible. I had a feeling that this would be the first and the last time we spoke.

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