It's a Long Way to the Top... If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll!

It's a Long Way to the Top... If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll!

A story about a young guitar player and his undetermined will and commitment to make it in the world of Rock'n'Roll!
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I'm sitting here on my old but comfortable chair, staring at a beautiful sunset and enjoying my peaceful country house. Away from all the fuss of the world. Perfect Bliss. You wouldn't think much of me, just a peaceful old man enjoying his last years... But boy you couldn't be more wrong.

Let me tell you a story about a great age of music. A time when bands could literary do magic and touch people on ways you couldn't imagine. Stadions were full of screaming fans, tenth of thousand hands in the air. They came to see the new and hottest Rock bands. Not because they had a great team behind them and tons of money to make them look and sound tight. But because they knew those guys had the most amazing songs and they could play the fuck out of them live. You literary felt you could move the world around with all the energy coming from them. It was a crazy and most amazing time... the age of Rock'n'Roll!

But let me start at the beginning, when I was 12...

I was walking with my mom around the town and we went pass this local Music Shop. And the most amazing and powerful sound was coming out of it. There was this older bearded man playing the hell out of his guitar. I really didn't understand any of it then but it moved me right away, pulled me right in and changed my life forever.

I ran inside and stared at the musician, watching him play. He saw me, stopped an smile. "Hey kid! Wanna give it a try?" he said. I ran towards the amp, took the guitar and started to make noise. And that is all it was that day, a terrible noise.

But that soon started to change. The bearded man was the shop owner and he saw the spark in my eye. He talked to my mom and convinced her to buy me a guitar and a nice little amp. She also enrolled me to a private music lessons with a young neighbour teacher and she... well hehe... she also teached me something else a couple of years later, but we will get to the benefits and spoils of being a local rock star later on...


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