A woman finds herself stuck at a train station where trains never stop.
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I'm finally alone. No more yelling, no more noise that makes my ears bleed. I think they are still arguing back home, like I'm not even there. I had to get out. Whenever something like this happens I usually just go out to the subway and watch the trains go by. It soothes me. Tonight was different.

The station was somewhat darker than usually. A small light on the right was flickering and, oddly enough, there was no one around. I was all alone. It was refreshing and frightening in the same way. I sat down, put my bag next to me and looked at the rails. They seemed ancient.

All of a sudden a train rushed by. It emerged from the darkness and disappeared into it at the other end. It never stopped.

I was quite puzzled by it. Why didn't it stop? What's the point?

Soon another one went by. And then another one. They kept going by. One after the other, without ever stopping.

After a couple of minutes I realized I could see a person in them. The same person in all of them. Staring at me. Smiling.

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