The young lady, the princess, on a isolated planet of Jupiter.
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Isolated on a planet not far from our own lives the princess of Jupiter.

She barricades herself behind castle walls made from fallen asteroids.

In the storm it’s mere physics that keep the castle standing. A gravitational barrier protects the structure from the heavy pull of her planet’s core.

The princess sits by the window, as she does most days.

She looks out.

The atmosphere is thick and red.

Lightning strikes.

The strands of light break the sky and connect with the electrical currents within the air.

It’s beautiful. It’s terrifying. It’s Jupiter.

A cackle sounds loud and clear, just a beat behind its physical presence.

The princess exhales. Her breath gives sudden heat against the frigid glass and creates a fog that spreads like the plague. Then, a moment later, it reverses. It starts to wither.

There’s a knock upon the door.

It’s familiar. One light tap and a polite pause.

“Come in.” She calls without so much as bothering to look over her shoulder.

The door opens with a sounding screech from the hinges.

Callisto, a loyal servant of the planet Jupiter, steps inside the princess’s quarters.

His posture is poised and tail coat spotless. He is pristine in every sense of the word. Proper. Perhaps even perfect.

“My princess…” He calls, begging for her attention.

The princess turns to look back at Callisto. The look he’s giving her shouts concern.

She stands. Her deep red gown sways, and for a moment, brushes the ground. “What is it, Callisto?”

“I ask you to remain calm…”

She takes an abrupt step forward. “Callisto?”

“I asked for calm."

The young lady, the princess, gives her servant and friend a put out stare that can only be read within the red of her unusually colored iris’.

Callisto drops his look to the ground and tries another step into the room. His hands fold behind his back as he painfully forces, “Visitors.” He glances out the window to his immediate left. “I’m afraid they’ve grown tired of your silence. The queen of Earth is fast approaching, my princess."

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