How to use Booklly?

Booklly is very intuitive and user friendly platform. Strictly speaking one page follows the other as it goes with normal books. The only difference is when an author decides to take another turn in the story and starts writing a new branch – in that case you continue with reading/writing within that branch. But you can still skip between branches, of course, to stay on the same page :)

Cover - Every story has to start somewhere. Cover is the starting point, the very first page. Upload a beautiful background image to set the mood of your story.

Page - A page is a part of a story, a single piece of text author can contribute to any story. It has some limitations regarding the number of characters per page though – we have to give an equal opportunity to everybody.

Branch - If you decide to continue a story on a page that already has other pages, you will be starting your own/new branch. This is a great opportunity for you to turn a plot in the desired direction, and with some luck (and skill) the other writers will follow and continue. And so will the readers, of course!


Reading is a very fun part of BOOKLLY or better yet: reading mode is, to be more exact. Why? Because if the part of a story that you are reading has more than one branch, the next page will be provided based on the reading mode you have chosen. It's that simple – by selecting one of the available modes you are in control of your story experience!

Even more than that! All the recommendations on the site will also be generated based on your preferred reading experience.

Popular - This is the default reading mode (Even if you are not logged in) and will select only the most popular pages of the story.

New - This mode will display pages based on the date of their creation. Here you'll find fresh and new content display.

Discover - Feeling adventurous? This mode will pick a new page at random from all the existing branches at that point of the story..

Cover stats

The pretty cover image that gives you the basic idea or narrative of the story also contains some quite useful information about the story itself. Icons symbolize as follows:

Cover views

The number next to the glasses icon shows how many times the story was opened/read.

Pages in Cover

This icon's number represents the total number of pages written for this story.

Total likes for Cover Content

Heart icon shows the total count of all the love shown for the story. It represents every click on a heart inside the story. The bigger the number, the more our readers like it.

Users collaborating in a story

The last icons number represents the total count of all the collaborators in the story, all the people who contributed a page or two/more.

Page icons

These are quite important as they let you turn the story around, jump into one or just love it! You are totally in control here, everything is just a click away:

Refresh Page

If the story has more branches, you are able to jump straight into another one by clicking this refresh icon.

Add New Page

Not satisfied with the outcome of the story? You have a better idea how it should evolve or end? Let your imagination run wild – click the write icon and start your own branch!

Like page

Don't forget to share the love! Paint the heart red and let people know you like that particular story or a page!

... By clicking on the three dots at the end you can get some extra info about the page, who wrote it, how much love it got ... And if something bothers you, you can report it back to us as well.


We encourage you to take the destiny of unfolding stories into your own hands. Start writing and contributing your ideas regarding a certain story. You'll soon find out if your cut out for it!

Create a new story

By simply clicking the banner below you are able to start a completely new story in a second. Give it a try!

Create a new branch

When you want to kick in and write your part in the story, you can jump in any time by clicking this icon:

Add New Page

Not satisfied with the outcome of the story? You have a better idea how it should evolve or end? Let your imagination run wild – click the write icon and start your own branch!